Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm sitting here eating cold pizza for breakfast, with a slightly stuffy nose, missing my husband on his 31st birthday. I spent 3 hours yesterday morning cleaning out the leaves and junk from my front row of lilac bushes. It was FABULOUS. The weather was perfect. And because I live just outside city limits I pulled all the leaves to our dirt driveway and burnt them and then I put the ashes in one of our garden boxes. Sariah (with the occasional help of Jacob) and I planted our veggie garden box on Saturday. We have corn, peas, beans, radishes, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, and zucchini. I'll let you know how that goes. We have one box dedicated to herbs, that's for Spencer to do. Then I still have two boxes to fill. I bought watermelon seeds, and I'd like to plant some strawberries. I'll have to admit that gardening is a little intimidating when you want it to succeed. I've planted in the past and not taken great care or really given a care and so it hasn't been successful. But this year is different. I am realizing that as of May 21st I'll have 7 kids at home...ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG!!!!!!! We cannot stay inside and laze the days away. So we'll be working outside A LOT. The weather hear is very mild. Yes, we saw -25 for a couple weeks in December, but when there is a giant snow storm covering the rest of Wyoming, there seems to be a bubble over this basin. The wind is mild, the sun is shiny, and it actually means something when you stand in the shade, there is an actual temperature change.
It was good for me to go outside yesterday. It reminded me of the reasons I wanted to move. I have to be honest, whenever I go shopping I have the strange and overpowering desire to move back to Houston. Remember now, NO WALMART. The closest one is an hour and a half away. We have crappy overpriced little po-dunk stores. I look like a deer in headlights when I shop. With thoughts like "You want me to pay WHAT? For THAT!?!?!?" and "@#@*&!* $*&@*#*%&" written all over my face. But I will take solace in my outdoor activities, and the low crime rate (compared to Houston, it's nonexistent) and the mountains, the robins and meadowlarks, and the fact that when I go into the kids' schools' it's not like entering a high security facility.
I also have to admit that I miss my friends. That would be those of you reading this. I didn't really think that this would be an issue for me, but there was something to be said for being in a place where most of everyone was in the same or similar place in life. Boowah. whatever. Point is, I'll definitely come and visit all y'all.
I don't know if I've posted these pics already or not. I took these right after we moved here.

This is looking out our farthest driveway(we have 3)This is looking out our middle one

This is too, and that's one of our 10 pine trees

Now these are the garden boxes. We cleaned them out in the fall, and boy am I glad we did. It made planting SO much easier. We used the closest "L" shape one on Saturday.
And that's our house.
So many projects. That's what my husband says every time he comes home. But it's true. And it's good. Well I'm gonna get my giddyap on. Caleb has an ear infection and needs to get to the Dr. so for now...

good day to ya.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So...I seem to be narrating my day in my head again. I guess that means it's time to blog again. I have taken solace at the other keyboard in my life. That would be the piano. Most of you are saying either "I didn't know you play the piano" or "you can't play the piano." Well truth of the matter is... I do and can. Not necessarily to accompany in church with hymns, there seems to be a cross section in my brain that insists I focus more on what people are singing rather than what I'm playing. That is all beside the point. I've "composed" 4 songs since I've been here. I would have said written but they're not scored. The lyrics are finished for 3 of them. The 4th is not finished. It is actually my 2nd song. After watching Jennifer in the writing process, I decided that it couldn't be that hard, and guess what, it's not. And I'm sure there is divine inspiration in there as well. Now all I need is recording equipment and software. It's a satisfying pastime, one that I could and have gotten lost in for hours. The equipment will have to wait for a while, however, because we're going to VEGAS BABY! Jason and I have decided that it is finally time we took a "honeymoon." So for our anniversary in May we are taking a 5 day trip to Las Vegas to see a show and go to the temple and sleep. Hopefully not all at the same time.
Jenn and Bill are going to come and stay at our house. I just need to solidify the babysitting for the daytime while they have to work. I'm super excited. Jason and I haven't been together anywhere without kids in a million years, if not ever. And it's about time we go. So we're going.
Easter was fabulous, because Jason was home. Not so fabulous because on Saturday I had the stomach flu. I was blessed with much improved health on Sunday, enough to where I could be up for everything and not totally hate it. I made the boys ties to match the girls dresses. Unfortunately, we didn't get to complete the picture at church because Ellie and I stayed home. Which was alright since I got a good little "photo shoot" done with her. .