Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Caffeine Rehab

If it takes more than one trip to get everyone in the car. . . you might be a MoM(mommy of many for those of you who have not been paying attention.)
If takes more than an hour after the time you decided to leave the house, to actually leave the house. . . you might be a MoM.

This last one drives my husband nuts. I guess I'm getting used to it. I think I'm worried about myself. I'm not excited about leaving the house. I just did my visiting teaching by mail. I used all my stamps and thought "crap I'm gonna have to get stamps to pay the bills on Friday. That means I have to leave the house." Can you buy stamps online? What about milk? Can you buy milk online? Just kidding ...sorta. Goodcrap. It's almost midnight. I'm not tired. I have decided to go caffeine free. So I have had none today. I've only gotten an occasional headache. I'm just so darn cranky when I'm caffeinated. Just ask my husband. On second thought don't ask, some things are best left unknown. I can't be an occasional user like most people. There is no such thing as "I'll just have a coke today, and not tomorrow" I'm so super sensitive to it , I can feel the tightening in my head within 15 minutes and then I'm so terrified of the withdrawal headache that I'll drink it for a couple weeks or longer. My fix usually came by way of Diet Mt. Dew. But I ran out and I didn't want to leave the house to go get more. So Caffeine Rehab here I come. Now I need to find something else to drink. The water here is terrible. Milk makes me sleepy. Oh well, I'm sure something will surface to take its place. And you know what, that is all I have to say for today.
good day to ya.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby feet

I Love Baby feet.
The best description I've heard is from my friend Krista, She called them brand new, never before used. It was interesting to me because feet do seem to be a body part that is always

It's hard to imagine my feet having once been new and never before used.

I've added pictures of my other kids today just so you remember they are here. Sorry about the "see food" But If anyone asks you've seen pictures that prove I do feed them;)
Jacob and Caleb

Sariah and Gabe

This is what it's like to go anywhere as a family. Every one of the nine seats is taken.

Cute baby Ellie sleeping

She has discovered her tongue. So she makes these little pucker suckie lips all the time now. Careful how you say that last phrase...

So I have been attempting to "spring clean" parts of my house. Friday I got the front room done. Washed the walls(I think paint will be the only real solution there,) steam cleaned the carpet etc. Side note: When we are independently wealthy I will give carpet cleaners as gifts at baby showers. Anyway, I started the family room today, last night actually. I took the rug by the back door and put it in the washer. I then proceeded to steam the family room carpet. It wasn't working as well as I would have liked. When I make an extra effort to clean something I like to see the results. So I got out the laundry soap, Sun oxygen cleaner, spray bottle and brush and went to work on all the "it'll never come out stains" Some of them actually came out. The orange and red stains from various leaky sippy cups, however, have made their mark...permanently. Tip: If you catch those when they happen, (like we really have super vision and know ALL that happens in our houses) put salt on the spill. It will suck up most of the color. What was my point? The only way I have been able to do this super clean is because Jacob isn't feeling well and so he slept most of the day, Caleb played where he wasn't supposed to(Sariah's room) Joey and Ellie just chilled. As I was running the machine over the places I had just scrubbed, I apparently didn't hear the commotion going on in the Laundry room.(See I do so much of it I subconsciously think its room needs to be capitalized) Remember the rug I threw in the washer? It caused the machine to become off balance and start walking. And not just a little jiggle walk. My washer and dryer usually face the same direction. Maybe its mad because we got rid of the old smoking vacuum.(see earlier blog "The best kind of sticky") Or it could have been sending me the hint that the next room to be spring cleaned is the LAUNDRY ROOM, there was quite a lot of junk on the floor where it used to sit.

Good day to ya.

Monday, January 28, 2008

So I must say this first. I am so grateful that we had President Gordon B. Hinckley as the Prophet here on Earth for as long as we did. I must say that, yes, I am a sad at his passing but only a little. He was tired and I know he missed Sister Hinckley something fierce. Thinking of their reunion makes the tears all worth it. Can you imagine the mission report he gets to give. . . and to whom? Wow. I am also grateful for the structure and organization of the church and knowing that everything is still in place and we don't have to panic until the new Prophet is called. I also love Pres. Monson a ton. But this isn't a Testimony meeting so that's all I'll write on that for now.
I wanted to add this quote a couple days ago, but now is as good a time as ever
"God bless you, mothers. When all the victories and defeats of men's efforts are tallied, when the dust of life's battles begin to settle, when all for which we labor so hard in the world of conquest fades before our eyes, you will be there, you must be there, as the strength for a new generation, the ever-improving onward movement of the race." Gordon B.Hinckley

I must welcome Lauren and Niki as the first official members of the AMoM club. Lauren has two cute kids. Niki has 3 and is expecting #4. And since you two are probably the only ones who really read my blog your links are already on my page. I met these two lovely ladies in a magical place called Laramie. I grew up with their husbands and their families. Laramie is magical because it has this magnetic ability that has the tendency to keep its residence coming back. If you manage to leave its trapping range you'll find yourself longing for home and a way to live closer. Its prettier than Cheyenne and Casper, but its not gorgeous. The people are nice though. I've met my bestest friends their. I that is why I like it. But Laramie is not what I wanted to write about today.

Today I wanted to write about yesterday. Yesterday was Sunday. Sunday sucked, and no they don't have a song for that one(that's it Jenn write one about that) I didn't prepare on Saturday like I should have. We did pretty good about getting dressed and ready to go, so I thought. I wasn't rushing to make it on time because Sacrament meeting is becoming pretty unbearable when Jason is gone. So my aim was again the Relief Society room, where we can practice sitting and listen over the speaker to the meeting. I asked the older kids to find Joey some shoes, I made sure to tell them to make sure they got him two shoes that were both size 5. We have 3 pairs of the same shoe, 2 size 5's and 1 size 6. I also asked them to get everybody in the car while I got the baby ready to go and made sure my outwardly appearance wouldn't scare anyone. I had actually contemplated staying home but I knew that would be an open invitation for Satan to join us for Sunday dinner. I really do not enjoy his company. So I pressed for obedience and going to church. Back to the car. We were all in and ready to go. Everybody was complaining. We got to the building(10-20 mins away depending on which way and how fast you go)and as I went to go get Joey out of his car seat I noticed that he had his left shoe on his foot and another shoe on the floor. No biggie except as I went to pick it up I noticed that it was another left. Gabe said from the back of the car "They both said 5." "Yes, Gabe I suppose they did." So Joey went to church with no shoes. When we got in the RS room I noticed that Gabe had no socks on. I had specifically found his black socks for him and left them on his dresser. I guess he thought that church was not a formal affair and that it was 'black sock optional'. All the kids 4 1/2 and under cried through the rest of Sacrament meeting, which happened to be not even half way over when we got there. Joey is usually pretty amiable and I couldn't figure out what his issue was until I realized that I had not fed him, again chalk one up to the anti-mother of the year award. I asked my friend who is the nursery leader to feed him quickly so he wouldn't starve until snack time. Everybody went to class and I got to sit in Sunday School for about 5 min then I was called into the older nursery because Jacob was throwing a lay down on the floor fit. He was fine after a little while and I got to leave and go to Relief Society. After the lesson started, just barely after the lesson started who should I hear messing around very loudly through the halls on their way to class. Dang Deacons. So I had to go yell at my Deacon and his whole class. His was the voice I heard most but it wasn't the only one. Man was I on a roll. Then I went to the mothers lounge and talked to my friend Stacey.
Church was over. I hope I get points for trying.

As first action in the MoM and AMoM club I would like to elect myself president. That is funny. All in favor? . . .Say Aye. Aye. . . The Aye's have it. hehe Now my first order of business is to lay out a format for how we say the funny things that happen to us. I would like them to be in "you might be a redneck" form according to your club. For example. If You find banana in a shoe. . .
you might be a MoM.
GROSS HUH? I guess they are tired of bananas
Now for the AMoM group it would be "you might be an AMoM"
OK meeting adjourned. Yeah, I don't know how long this will last. We'll see
good day to ya.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

MoM and AMoM

I'm starting a club, well two clubs I guess. I never like anyone to be left out. So the first club is the Mommies of Many club AKA. MoM. The second club is the Aspiring Mommies of Many AKA AMoM. Now there are certain requirements to belong to these clubs. Lets talk about the MoM club. First and foremost you must have at least 5 children to belong to this group. That would automatically include myself with 7, Stacey with 5, Christin with 5 ( you actually could qualify twice with 2 sets of twins), my friend Tami (who I haven't heard from in a while)who also has 5 and 2 sets of twins. Now the exception to this rule is if you have 4 kids that are all boys. Which can feel like 5 kids if not more. This qualifies me twice as 5 of my 7 are of the male species. Now for the AMoM club. I know that all of us out there are not as old or fertile (with or without help) or crazy as us MoMs so the AMoM club is for you. This club is for those of you with 2-4 children. Unless your situation falls into the above exception. It also applies to those of you who are aspiring to be a MoM member, but are not yet, or cannot get to that 5 mark. For those of you who just have one and are finished by choice, these clubs are not for you, you just won't get it. If, however, you wanted more but couldn't have them, you are more than welcome to join the AMoM club because you will have them later. Please declare your membership by commenting and letting me know you have joined. These are the general requirements for both groups: You must have experienced sleepless nights; aching backs; sticking to various items in your home due to unknown causes; cleaning disgusting unthinkable things. . . a lot (see Christin's blog of messes;) watching your children breathe just to make sure they are; taking a bath with more than yourself(husbands do not count;) needing to lock your bathroom door in attempt to have 30 seconds of privacy; sleeping with children under your legs,arms,backs,heads; walked mindlessly through the house at 1,2,3,4am in answer to the cry of "Mommy;" stressed over the acceptance of your children in their peer groups, so much so you feel you are back in Jr.High; made the comment that you have already passed 3rd grade why do I have to do the homework again; tried desperately to remember how to do fractions; figured out that you're not crazy, it's just more difficult to think for more people than just yourself; cried because you just did 8 loads of laundry and three more loads just appeared magically on the floor; said yes, after just saying no so that the constant "Mommy can I have . . ." will stop repeating; been proud because your 'Mometer' (the natural ability to take a temp. by feel) was only a tenth of a degree off; finally stopped wondering about the floaties in your drink; kissed boogers and booboos; given million hugs; and loved more than you thought you could. These clubs are for you! The perks are knowing you're not alone, sharing comments about crazy MoM and AMom experiences and stories. Sign up today and I'll put your link on my blog and we can make our crazy world a little bigger.
Good day to ya.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Meet My Husband

My husband and I started dating at the end of February ten years ago. We got married at the beginning of May that same year. Short courtship must make for a long marriage. That and a whole stink load of kids in between.
Let me tell you a little bit about the man who was crazy enough to marry me. Well first off he IS too young to have this many kids, but he does. He'll turn the big 30 this April. In his young life he only imagined having one offspring. He also wanted to go to Mars. Then I came along and said we must have more than one and Mars? That's just too far and I don't want you gone for three years. So he settled for a degree in Physics and seven children and a wife that, I know on occasions, drives him nutty.
These are some of the reasons I love my husband.
He does not put on a phony facade. He is the way he is and it doesn't matter who knows it. I used to say that he was integritous (thank you lady in my head for that word) to a fault. He is the most honest man I have ever met. I used to think this was bad because sometimes I felt like there was a certain social air that you must keep about you. Not true according to my husband. I am OK with it now. I am learning that in a world of "used car sales men" honest men are hard to come by. I just happen to have one of my own.
He has an incredibly dry sense of humor. Which is hilarious.
He has this loyalty to his family that I didn't know could exist. And then there is the sense of responsibility. We have been through the financial wringer since he graduated(Physics alone is NOT marketable) and yet he still attacks his responsibility to provide for this freakin' huge family with vigor. That is why daddy has to go to the middle of the Gulf of Mexico for three weeks at a time to work. He is in charge of every piece of inventory that goes on and off the semi-submersible oil rig. His job title is Storekeeper. He was a utility hand and a roughneck for a while, but the goal was management which he made in about a year. He has done a lot of other things to pay to feed our ever growing nest. Pizza has been involved more than once. We owned a shop here for a little while. Then Little Sleezars moved in real close. How can you compete with National advertising? We couldn't so it was on to something else. That is where the oil business came in. Here is the interesting predicament. My husband has a moral issue working where he does. Having a scientific brain causes him to mentally problem solve, all the dang time. So when the idea of alternative fuel comes up, there go the wheels. So while he is helping them drill for oil he is trying to solve the energy crisis in his brain. This is why I appreciate him even more for going to work. That isn't his only issue with going away to work. I mentioned his dad in an earlier blog. He was a sailor which meant being away from home to work. Jason grew up with dad being gone half the time and knows life on the other side as well. He never wanted to do what he is doing, but he does. I thank him for it.
He is a super good dad, occasionally grumpy, but who isn't? He has an amazing ability to love these kids. I'm grateful for that.
Another reason why I love him. . .He loves me. For no reason in particular. He says there doesn't need to be a why. . .he just does.
He is my best friend.
He honors his Priesthood. I don't know how many of us take advantage of that on a daily basis. My husband "gets it" and it means a lot to him. Not bad for somebody who didn't grow up in the Gospel. He has his own testimony. I don't have to share mine. (I share it but you get the point, right?)
Oh yeah, He loves me.

There is a new definition to the phrase "rough house"
Please put your seats in an upright position , the Daddy plane will be landing momentarily and you must exit
What a "mess o' kids"

These pictures were taken 2 1/2 years ago. . . not much has changed. Just the amount of kids

Gabe's first day of School

and welcoming baby Joey home

I'm so lucky

Good day to ya.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ode to the blue Van

It was a year ago today (OK it was a year ago yesterday)
that my BLUE van went away.
You see, I went to Wal-mart
Parked close to where I found a cart...
Went in with all my children dear
Came out to find my greatest fear...
My van was not where I had left it...
Because some Mexican had theft it.
You may say that I am racist but I'm not
It's just not so
You see,They found my van 2 months ago in

These are pictures of my van covered in a solid sheet of ice. We loved this van... We had modified it to hold all eight of us(at the time) by going to a salvage yard and buying a used 3 person back seat and putting it in the middle. I really can't believe anyone stole it. There were two car seats, scattered toys, a Pooh blanket, french fries, spilled ketchup, milk, chocolate shake, and who knows what else.
My mother-in-law was visiting and we went shopping, I believe we only had Caleb, Jacob, and Joey with us while the others were in school. Jason was luckily working at the office in Houston, my sister was living in my house, so we had the cavalry close. Anyway, we came out of the store with a cart full of groceries and a cart full of kids. It was chilly and rainy. We walked to where I thought I had parked. . .Looked . . .walked. . . looked again. I thought I was loosing my gourd. When I finally realized my van was not playing hide and seek, I went in and told the lady at the door that my car had been stolen. We then talked to this punk kid manager who had the nerve to ask me if I was sure and that maybe I should go and make double sure. So just to appease him I went out and walked from one end of that parking lot to the other, still halfway expecting to have my van jump out, uncover his headlights and say peek-a-boo, fooled you. In strange disbelief I wandered back in the store, cold ,wet, and (cover your eyes if your apposed to strong language) pissed. Finally the Sheriff was called. My husband made it to the store before the cops did. My sister had come and picked up the kids and groceries. When the Sheriff got there he took some notes, commented on how he needed to buy new ink, told us that if we found it before they did that we should call so that if we were driving and got pulled over we didn't get a gun pulled on us. And he also said that they really weren't gonna go look for it, and that it was probably going to be used in crime and wrecked if not torched. No, I am not kidding. He also said, when asked if he was going to watch the security tape, that there was no point because they were ten dollar cameras and you couldn't see anything on them, and then he went and bought ink. We actually watched the security video. It made me sick. It was fairly well planned. A big Dr. Pepper van pulled up in front of our van blocking a lot of what we could see, but we did see a little maroon car pull up on the other side, someone get out and move back and forth between the front and back of the van. We couldn't fill in the blanks because of the Dr. Pepper van. Anyway a few minutes later I saw somebody else drive away in my little blue van.

It's all good. Now it is, anyway. See there was planning involved in the disappearance of my van. Not my planning. Somebody upstairs. Not that anyone on the right side of heaven would want anyone to commit a felony, but they did know that if we still had the van there would be no room for Ellie. I got pregnant two weeks after my van went away. Right at the same time we bought the 9 passenger Suburban. We have been compared to fish in the fact that we seem to grow to the size of our container. I guess that it's a good thing we didn't buy that 15 passenger van.

Good day to ya.

Why I blog

Why do I blog? Let me count the ways. . .Actually lets not. My husband asked me why I blog. The truth is that this stuff is running around in my head anyway I might as well get it out and make room for more useful rememberings. I am not a journal user. I never have been. I have entries from when I was 10, 15, 18, 21, 23 and maybe a few since then. I am grateful for this media to help me mentally puke and to keep up with friends and to share crazy motherhood experiences. Writing them helps me see the lighter side and I think it helps relieve my husbands concerns when he is away. Anyhoo. . . I guess it is helping me become more technologically in the swing of things(what a joke, no it's not) but whatever. By the way can these pages be printed? Lauren? Stacey? Anyone? Hmm? I guess the other reason, is so that those of you who want to see what's happening in my part of this mortal experience may do so without getting annoying pushy e-mails from me. So there ttpbbsptpsss. Too much caffeine(oh shush) today and I am officially without my hubby for another 3 weeks and I'm feeling, as my friend Stacey would say, a little punchy.
Um that's all

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm still here

I'm still here. My husband goes back to work on Thursday so I will be posting regularly (I have problems speaking that particular word- regularly...particularly is another I have trouble saying. It's the 'larly' part I think.) Anyway I'll be back when he goes bye. OK. . .
Here are some animal pictures just because. . .

This is Lucky, and yes, he is.
Murry and Maverick
Gabe, Spencer and Milo the hamster

Maverick is turning 16 this spring, Mogli will be 14 next month.

Murry died in May of last year. . . that's a tough lesson for kids to learn.

That's all for now
I'll type at y'all later
Good day to ya.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Could you Speak up? I can't hear myself think

Ehh? What was that? What did you say? I keep thinking that I'm going deaf. I will probably learn, when my kids are all grow up and gone, that I was never really having problems hearing. It has always been *To Dang Loud* that's all. I wonder if I would be able to understand what is being said better, if it were quieter. I look at my (almost)2, 3 and 4 year-olds, and I see their mouths moving, I hear what I think are words but it makes NO sense. "I wha any" "eese?" "awcorn, oney Oneeeyy!" That is mostly Jacob(almost 3) he is still trying to master the language, he really does pretty well, most of the time. It seems his mouth/brain combo gets tired every once in a while and I feel like I've been bad and I'm being punished and our family's language is being confounded just like at the Tower of Babel. I feel so confused. Caleb(4) would be far more understandable if he would get his thumb out of his mouth while he talked. And Joey, he communicates mostly by facial expression and signs. This is by choice, I'm almost positive. I can just imagine him and Jacob, after we've put them to bed, having the following conversation.(add British accent here) "Oh , I do say, what a day we had," says Jacob. " I quite agree old chap," says Joey "nice work with Mother today. It was marvelous watching the old girl dancing around the kitchen, like a monkey, trying to figure out what we wanted. Don't you think?" "Oh yes, just fabulous." replies Jacob "Tomorrow will be just as fun. I plan on trying another of those screaming tantrums that drives her nutty. Well, goodnight then." "Goodnight, Gove'nor"
OK it's a stretch but, do you ever wonder?

There are times of quiet. You can tell; when everyone has fallen asleep, and the dishwasher isn't running, or the clothes washer or dryer is off and the TV is silent, and mom and dad are too tired to talk, that quiet still exists. I hear those times of quiet and I listen with grateful yet cautioned rest. I have heard, with tired ears the advice of Grandparents and empty-nesters alike, the chaos needs to be enjoyed while it's there, because all too soon it will be gone. So BRING ON THE NOISE !!! BUT COULD SOMEONE GET ME SOME EAR PLUGS?

Good day to ya.
Brother Hugs
Jacob and Joey in April 2007, just before Joey went to TexasChildrens to have his adenoids out.

Porcelain Throne

Houston is typically very humid. We had over 50 inches of rain last year. 50! I guess you can't really call it rain... It buckets. It's not a nice drizzle, shower or sprinkle. It's like standing under a bucket, or a being a sports coach and winning the big game and having a never ending Gatorade thing dumped on your head. That is what rain is like in Texas. However, lately we have had some drier air come through, thanks to the winter cold fronts y'all up North are having to endure (thanks by the way, they give us really nice weather.) So the trampoline likes to conduct electrical experiments with the kids' hair. Here's Joey

Ellie is doing so much better. I still panic every time she coughs, or sleeps quietly. I am constantly watching her. She gives a new definition to "Pretty in Pink" and trust me after waiting so long for her, she has A LOT of pink. And as far as her she hasn't been on the trampoline. It's all natural.

Three peas in a pod. Jacob, Caleb and Joey, are the three boys I have at home. Caleb will be in Kindergarten next school year. Then I'll just have the two and Ellie at home. What will I do with all that extra time?

So I would like to thank the public school system for re-potty training my kids. I've spent months (which probably calculates to a year or two total with 4 out of 7 successfully potty trained kids) teaching my kids that it's OK to go to the bathroom whenever they need to. During the summer we don't have a problem, but the minute school starts it's "Mom I need to go to the restroom." It was cute at first. Their hands would shoot up in the air and wave around "Mom, mom, can I use the restroom?" My responses have varied throughout each incident. From "OK go" to "Do you need directions?" "I know, you know where the bathroom is, please don't pee on the floor." "We have three of them, you don't need to ask."
Tonight my answer caught me off guard. I had just put Joey in bed and Sariah ran into the little boys room doing the potty dance with the typical "I need to go to the restroom." I was a little irritated because she had to pass the bathroom to get there, and I needed her to be quiet so she didn't wake any of the boys. And what should pop out of my mouth? "I am not a toilet" That was funny to me. I've been a lot of things as a mother: Kleenex, paper towel, burp rag, puke bowl...and you bet I've been peed and pooped on, but I do not believe I'll be adding toilet to the list anytime soon. It's not very flattering.
Good day to ya.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm not crazy...Well, maybe just a little

My husband is snoring and so is the baby. So this means that I have a few minutes to dump some things that have been swimming around in my murky watered head. Actually my head contains an office. Not a bright, well lit cheerful office with windows, it's more like a spacious gray broom closet. There are filing cabinets all around; a desk in the middle, with a Rolodex on it; some in-out file shelves and one little trash can, oh and a broom, leaning against one of the really, really tall filing cabinets. The only thing of color, in this space in my head, is the lady that runs this office. She's a fairly short, stout woman with firey red-orange hair, which she always wears up, kinda like Lucy... but not. Some of you may be saying that it's just me, but I'm not that short, and when I lose my baby fat, I'm not that stout, and although my hair does tend to get a little redder each time I dye it (Husband said as he looked at the top of my head "good heaven's Lady look at all those grays" it's time for some color. I'm only 32) The lady is just not me. She does her best to keep me entertained and stay on top of "things to remember" all at the same time. She tries her best to help me remember names and faces-together, we really need to work on that one. Those are the items in the Rolodex. I keep thinking to her that we need to update and go with a more advanced way of doing things, but you know what they say about old dogs. (Now I must pause for a moment and tell y'all that I'm not really crazy. My mother came up with this idea, when I was little, that she had a lady running around in her head trying to recover forgotten information. It was very interesting to me and a few years later I had my own little lady running around in my head. Maybe we're both crazy...crap) There was a TV show on in the late 80's that starred Jason Bateman and others, Sandy Somebody(stupid Rolodex, spin faster lady) I don't remember the name of The lady or the show. BUT the next door neighbor was Mrs. Poole. That's right "the Hogan Family" Edie McClurg...Mrs. Poole. Thank you Google, no thank you Rolodex. Point: the lady in my head reminds me a little of Mrs. Poole. She (in my head) does her best and she must do a fairly decent job because I'm still functioning with 7 kids: three in diapers, under the age of 3, one in potty training, one nursing . "Linus" syndrome (thumb & blanket) -he's the middle child, but more of the oldest of the 4 youngest. "Define yourself. I'm happy or I'm not" He's not the middle-child by one, but he fits that description best, the youngest of the oldest 3 I guess. The Perfect Princess on the verge of hormones(please give me at least 3 more years before it all hits the fan) and the almost TEENAGER, "I'll stare at you because you told me to look at you, but it doesn't mean anything you say will be retained." Oh and don't forget the 2 cats, 1 dog, hamster, and I think there are still live fish somewhere in the house. And my husband, who does a good job taking care of himself, for the most part. When he's home for his three weeks off work, he really does help a lot, but that is a story for a different day. So back to this lady in my head. She balances things quite nicely I suppose. She has taken some things of the "priority" list that I wish she hadn't. Like spelling, and English grammer. Do you see? Grammar. Good heack. And typing has gone out the window. And as far as daily rememberings...( she makes up some really fun words though.) She likes to blame these things on the fact that I'm nursing and my theory stands that breast milk is 50% brain cells, but that can't be the excuse for everything forever? Or can it? I can see it now at my youngest daughter's wedding in another 20 years..."Excuse me, you forgot to: pay the florist, send the invitations, zip up your dress... Oh I did? Silly me, so forgetful. I'm nursing... you know how it is." Think it will work? Yeah, me neither. BUT for now... what was I talking about? Silly me...I'm nursing. 50% brain cells...The lady in my head. nice gal. She does her best to keep things clean, that's why there's a broom and a little trash can. I think we need to get a bigger trash can. I'm not sure what good that would do...once something gets in there it is really hard to throw away. Most of everything gets filed away in those big cabinets. Above all she's really good at taking the blame when things get off course a little. So I appreciate this little character for being a scapegoat and for making the best of whats left of my brain cells. Well, that was fun thanks for tagging along.
Good day to ya.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hugs and babies

Here is gorgeous Jacob with his kissy lips and killer baby blues. He is known to us as "the Love bug"
So I hope you're not bored and disappointed that I haven't written in a day or two. I (We) have decided to limit my blogging time when my husband is home, so as not to make him feel neglected. We actually got to go on a date last night. My mom-in-law, in spite of being sick, spent her last night here watching our 7 monkeys, who were actually very good for her. Thank you sweet monkeys. My children hate monkeys. I have no idea why. It is old habit for me to refer to them as monkeys, or chickens. Rug-rats and boogers, too. I assure you, they are all terms of endearment. It is actually these monkeys that I would like to talk about.
I have been very fortunate and blessed to have had as many children as I have had pregnancies. While I was pregnant with Monkey #4, I had five friends have miscarriages. I felt guilty because I was still pregnant while these beautiful women around me were experiencing the pain and loss of their much wanted children. My best friend has lost at least 7 of these potential earthly family members, in the 6 years I've known her. It breaks my heart every time.
I have also known people who have lost children who have already made it here. Some have been here for a short stay, some for longer.
And so to these women and others that I do not know... I have this to say...
As I grow older... wiser, and as I listen to my own advice, I have learned from your experiences, your sorrow, your grief, your desire, aching desire to have children. I do not take advantage of your loss. I do not dismiss it, write it off or forget it. I take it to heart. I no longer feel guilty. I feel grateful. Grateful that I have been given charge of these children.Grateful that I have been so fortunate to have had so many. Your lessons have taught me to hug them more...longer and tighter. I stopped grumbling about "being pregnant again" and I have learned to say "thank you" and "Thy will be done."

I have had 2 experiences that may be similar to some of these women. One was with Joey the other was when I was pregnant with Jacob. I was 12 weeks along with Jacob. We had only lived in Texas for 12 weeks. Ironic isn't it? We'll discuss that later. I was at church when I started to bleed. Jason and I grabbed the kids and went to the hospital. We were new and didn't know who to feel comfortable about calling to keep the kids. So he sat in the ER waiting room with monkeys #1-#4, while I went back to see if there was going to be a Durrant baby #5. As I sat alone in that little room, I pleaded with God for the life of that child. I begged to hear a heartbeat. No one was planning on hearing it. But it was there. And I cried. The nurse asked if they were tears of joy. Oh yes, joy and gratitude. I always cry when God answers my prayers in such a miraculous way.
I have a good friend who didn't hear the heartbeat of her, very long awaited, baby boy this week. And all I can do is cry and say I'm sorry...and hug my babies all that much tighter and not take for granted that they are here and healthy.

I thank Heavenly Father everyday for all my babies, be they 3 months or 12 years. I now plead daily for all their lives to be long and happy. (even, and especially, when they drive me crazy.)
I love you all
Good day to ya.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Need a spare key

So today mom(as in me, myself and I all alone)got a little break and went to lunch with my new friend. It was very nice. It doesn't happen very often and I appreciate my husband and mother-in-law for holding the fort down while I was gone. Christmas break has come and gone and school started again today for the three oldest. So when they came home it was back to the same old paper trail game. I get more junk mail from the schools than I do in the actual USPS. And is it common for a 1st and 3rd grader to have more homework than the 7th grader? I didn't think so. Strange. But if Spencer can keep bringing home 100%'s on his finals then I guess I don't care too much about the homework. I decided that pizza would be a good for dinner tonight, considering my great effort I have made in the kitchen for the last few days. OK it hasn't been like huge 6 course meals or anything but I have cooked. So Pizza it was. I asked Jason to call and order. Now before I finish this part of the story I need to explain the relationship between our youngest son, Joseph Hyrum, and his Daddy. When Joey was born at a gestational age of 35 weeks 6 days. He was taken by c-section due to a complete placenta previa, which makes me glad, once again, that I was not a pioneer because I would have died and Joey would have died and my poor husband would have had to cross the plains all alone with 5 kids, then he'd have to find a wife who probably lost her husband and had kids of her own and then they would have had some more and I don't think Jason could handle 20 kids. I just don't. 7 is pushing it. What was I saying? Oh yeah, Joey. So he came a little early. Which wouldn't typically be to huge of an issue but his lungs weren't done cooking and he was, what the hospital staff kept referring to as, a Whimpy White Boy. No racial slams intended, white male babies are not as hearty and strong, as say a female, when it comes to dealing with stress and health problems at the beginning of life. He had TTN which is short for the fancy medical term that basically means fast breathing in preemies. He also had a partially collapsed left lung. So Joey got to spend 8 days in the hospital breathing O2 and having an IV(all over, including his poor little head) and proving that he really wasn't a W.W.B. and that he could hold his own and come home. Which he did. (this whole experience helped with Ellie's little hospital stay)
Now I don't really remember when the bond
between father and 5th son became so strong, I suppose it could have started in those times that Daddy watched that little baby in the NICU. Or maybe even before when daddy would yell "Hello baby" as he buried his face in mommy's tummy, or it could have even been before that. But nobody has been as adoring of a daddy as Joey is of his Daddy. This became more and more clear when Jason would be gone for periods of time, like training in the local office for work, and then even more when he started to go offshore for three weeks at a time. When Daddy comes home there is no other. No other person in the world that compares to Daddy. No other that can hold as well as Daddy, hug as well, play as well, fill a bottle as well, feed as well, change a diaper as well...etc. No one is more fun to follow or bother while they are using the potty. Daddy is the end all to Joey. And Mommy doesn't hold a candle to Daddy according to Joey. And Mommy cannot hug Daddy or kiss Daddy or have any contact with Daddy while Joey is watching. He will push and scowl and point that "no,no" finger at Mommy for even looking at Daddy. We have learned that Jason belongs to Joey and no one else. He becomes 'just one of the others' when Daddy is gone. He is very sweet and not clingy at all. The saddest thing is when it is time to take Jason to the airport to fly to work. Joey knows that the airport means Daddy is leaving. When the car door opens, the tears start falling, it breaks my heart. But when Daddy comes home it's time for some serious "follow daddy wherever he goes." It all sounds very sweet, but imagine the other side. Jason has a constant shadow... that isn't always quiet, and sometimes can be quite demanding. And sometimes you need some quiet, for example when you are trying to order pizza for dinner. So Jason, in a rather irritated, "I'm tired of being followed" fashion, retreated to the closest place where he could shut the door and have some quiet to make the order, this happened to be the garage. Joey was shut out and away from Daddy. You can see his little mind saying "This will not do!" (he doesn't actually talk much yet. I'm waiting for him to pull a 'Caleb' any day now) he proceeded to bang the door and cry and yell. I know he wished he were a little bigger so he could get that dang doorknob mastered. He settled down after fiddling for a while and walked away. I continued to feed the baby and talk to my mom-in-law. A little while later the cell phone rang. I asked Spencer to answer it. He had a strange little conversation that consisted of a few "yeahs" and "uh huhs" and an "OK." Then he hung up the cell phone, walked over to the garage door and unlocked it. Jason came in and didn't say a word, he just quietly went and picked Joey up. They had a quiet little conversation. I don't know what was said. I was laughing too hard, I couldn't hear anything if I tried.
Good day to ya!