Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wild Kingdom anyone? bathroom pics

So I had to start with the long awaited pictures of the bathroom that I did forever ago.There really isn't much to it. Just paint, pictures, towels
I made the shower curtain. Piece of cake.
These pictures, however, took years to put together;) I've got bath pic's of all the kids except Ellie. When I get one of her I'll throw it up there too.

So there is always the cliche "look what followed me home, can I keep it?"
For us it's "Look what I found in the mud puddle on the way home from school, aren't they interesting. I sure would like to study them for my merit badge." Which in reference to the Southern Leopard frogs Spencer brought home yesterday, I had to say, "NO!"
I have to honestly say that I have nothing against frogs. I like them. And most amphibians actually. As a matter of fact, I was recounting a story from my teenage-hood to Dallas the other day. Would you like to hear it? If not skip to the next picture.
In Laramie, where I did most of my growing, we lived near a park that had a puddle, or a pond, They call it a lake. But it's not really. Anyway, every time it rained during the spring and summer the salamanders would venture out in hopes of escaping life in the pond. The rain would keep them nice and wet so they could survive as they traveled through the grass, and across the streets, in the gutters, and finally end up in various basement windowsills within a several block radius of the park. We lived at least 3 blocks away and occasionally one would come visit us, too. Those that made it to our house were treated well for a little while, getting some water and then a quick walk back to the park to be returned to the pond. I'm sure they were cussing us all the way (it was a college town after all, they had to pick up some language from somewhere) Now there were those that didn't have the same fortune. There were those that didn't make it across the street. One particularly rainy night. I stopped at the park, with a friend or two, I don't remember what I was originally doing there, but I'll tell you what I ended up doing. The salamanders were trying desperately to escape their mundane life once again. It just wasn't safe to cross the street. So I tried to help them get back to the pond. You must picture this. I'm running up and down this street grabbing as many salamanders as I can and running them back to the lake, trying not to step on the ones running through the grass. Oh did I mention there was traffic? So I would see one grab it, see another and a car would come and beat me to it. It was horrible. Funny now, but horrible then. Squish would go another. I just couldn't save them all. I hope in the long run, the ones I saved made up for the ones I couldn't.

So...I have no problems with amphibians. I even had a couple frogs myself, for a minute. My sister had gone to the trouble of catching one for me, a good sized one, and then a little one later, to go with it. I put the little one in with the big one. I guess the big one was hungry. The next minute I looked and there were little frog legs sticking out of the big ones mouth. I didn't like the big one very much after that, but I did feel bad when he froze because the water he lived in wasn't deep enough to hibernate in.

All this aside, back in the present day, I said that Spencer couldn't keep the frogs because he pulled the same "It's for my merit badge" a few weeks ago and we ended up with this.
Actually that was Rocko

This next one is Roxy. She was the one that Spencer brought home after a day of doing a yard work fundraiser for scouts. I agreed. She was cute. For a lizard. They are Anoles. AKA the American Chameleon because they change color(it's really cool)
Oh, wait you say... Spencer only brought home one? Yeah, here we go on another story.

So Spencer had Roxy in a giant pickle jar up in his room, so we thought. One day Jason and I were taking the boys to the store. As I walked out of the house to put someone in the car, I saw the lizard on the driveway. I was sure that Caleb had gone into Spencer's room and taken it out of the jar, shoved it in his pocket in attempt to take it to the store with us. I was in a *can't disappoint my oldest child* mood, and I was frustrated that I had to take the time to try and catch it. I ran inside to check and see if it was Spencer's lizard, his door was locked, which Caleb has the tendency of doing also, so I went to get a bowl to catch the escaped lizard with. Then back out to the driveway. I was running from one side of the car to the other(those things are fast when they think you're after them) all the while yelling at Caleb for going in Spen's room and letting the lizard out. Meanwhile, Jason had gone upstairs, unlocked the door and found Roxy sitting in the pickle jar. He came out and told me to get in the car. I can only imagine what this all must have looked like. So we went to the store. It had begun to rain by the time we got home to unload the groceries. Jason received a little surprise when he walked by his car. The lizard I had been chasing was catching some rain on the windshield. He was camouflaged in black. I decided that if he was still around it might be fun to catch him anyway. So Long Story even longer...that is how we ended up with two. Roxy and Rocko. and no I don't believe we'll be having little ones anytime soon. Roxy was quite repelled by Rocko. He is really quite arrogant. As far as lizards go.
They no longer live in a pickle jar. They have a nice aquarium. And I have to buy crickets to feed them...I don't like crickets. We had our yard treated for bugs just a couple days after we caught them other wise their food would have been free.
So to the list of 2 adults, 7 children, 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 hamster(sorta, will explain later) 2 fish, we add 2 anole lizards(and a crap load of crickets, good thing they don't chirp)

Good day to ya.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, yet again...

Saturday was Joey's 2nd Birthday

Anyone sick of birthday posts yet? We had another nice casual birthday for Joseph. He's such a cute boy. I am sad that he is two only because he is acting a little two-ish. I do not enjoy this age very much. It's better than three, but I have one of those right now, too. The other not so fun age is five. But as of last week, I've got another five-year-old in the house. (sigh)

Birthday season is almost over. Just Spen and Sariah left. I feel bad for all the other kids, all the other's than Gabe that is. Because his birthday is in February, I still have some party planning gumption. But by this time, and 6 birthday's later, I'm just throwing cake around and I'm not interested in entertaining anyone else's children. Spencer is turning 13 and he wants something big. His birthday couldn't have fallen at a worse time this year. Jason gets home the day before, and then leaves the day after (mother's day) for a 3 day seminar for work. Then he's home for the day of our anniversary and I leave the next day. I can't cram "something big" in between all that. Any suggestion's? As a matter of fact I'd take lots of suggestions for birthday season in general. How do we make each kid feel special, have parties, etc. when mom's totally burnt out? I'd like to hear from Sarah and Christin and anyone else who comes from a big family that has a million birthdays close together. Anyay (that was a typo but I think I just made a new word) That is all for now.

Good day to ya.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Best Birthday Ever!

Today has been fabulous. Thank you all for your birthday greetings! My birthday started at 7:25 this morning, when I woke up and realized that the baby slept ALL night, Jacob woke up but that's normal. The 3 oldest kids forgot it was my birthday before they went to school. Caleb remembered and he, Joey and Jacob came in my room to say good morning and we want food (I was feeding the baby) and Joey was the first person to wish me a happy birthday. He said "Happy happy" which for Joey is pretty good. Then I got to talk to my husband. And then I got ready for the rest of the day. As the boys were watching PBS, Barney came on and it was his birthday, too! I took it all in stride, tried not to let it affect me :) My sister came over to watch my kids and she and Sami brought me presents! A really cool book that I've been wanting to read, and some bubble bath. Then Stacey came to get me and we met Dallas for lunch at Carino's. Dallas treated. She also gave me a super funny card and a fabu gift card! Stacey also gave me a gift. I don't know what it is because she forgot to bring it,(which just makes me laugh hard) but I don't even care because, seriously, just the thought makes me feel SO loved! When Stacey brought me home Jen showed up at that exact moment with BROWNIES and they were still warm! It was wonderful and they were so GOOD. My mom-in-law sent me and Jason some Egyptian cotton sheets, and she and my hubby sent me e-cards. My mom and Grandma sent "green" cards (ones with $)
The kids came home from school, they remembered my birthday then. We ordered pizza(so I didn't have to cook.) Did our little family birthday (missing dad.) Then the missionaries came over to share a spiritual thought and they sang Happy Birthday, too! So over all this has been the best birthday ever! Here are pics. Although I hesitate to share many pictures of my-(self conscious *I just popped out three babies in three years*)self. I share these with you because you all know what I look like anyway.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, again

Happy Birthday Naomi
33 years ago (yes I am almost exactly 3 years older than my husband) I was born. Almost a month early I weighed 8lbs. 14.5oz. Chunky Monkey1975
Little did my mother know I'd grow up to have a gazillion children

living in Utah

This was mostly for Christin's benefit. YW basketball Regional champs. I scored maybe two points. But I ran a lot, I was a good place holder. Just get the ball to Syd, Ellen, Christin, Sarah, pretty much anyone but me, that was my plan.

Sophomore year
Junior year proof(I never ordered the pics)
I don't have a copy of my senior pics. I had head shots done in college, but I don't know where those are either. But this next picture fits me best most of the time.

If you could see my inner child this is still what she would look like, the expression has never changed

So here was my page dedicated to me. I have some other good pictures that, at a later day, I may post. so this birthday is gonna be great. 29-32 just blew. Except for the fact that my hubby is not with me, this one has already been an improvement. Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with my friends, Dallas and Stacey. My sister is going to watch the kids for a little while so I can go! I'm excited to go!

I made my cake. Lemon. I don't know why I like lemon cake, but I do. I decided to not sit around and pout this year and wait for someone to do something for me. And because I did that, things have been great. I'll have to write later about what my husband is doing for me when he comes home, but he wants to talk to me (we get to talk every night while he's at work, sometimes I think we get to talk more when he's gone then when he's home.) And I can't type and talk at the same time. So...

HAPPY Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear me, myself, and I

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

My husband when he was 13months
Happy 30th Birthday Jason !!!!!

We wish you were home with us to celebrate, but thank you for doing what you're doing for us!
We love you!!
Love your family,
Naomi, Spencer, Sariah, Gabriel, Caleb, Jacob, Joseph, and Elizabeth

So looking at this picture, I'm beginning to see bits and pieces of the children...curious. And I think I found where Ellie got her nose :) and Joey's hair...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So on the rig, there was a contest. A dumb "have your wife do something artsy. And on Mother's Day we'll judge and give the winner $500." Jason hesitated in telling me about it. Not sure why. I am all about artsy and money. Put the two together and look out. Oh and to top it off the theme was "family values." So I wracked my brain and tried to think of what would appeal to oil men and fit that theme. I started a pencil drawing of a photo of Gabriel when he was about 5 months old, wrapped in an American flag. I had never finished the flag portion because I wasn't sure how to do it. So when this contest rolled around it came to me. I finished the flag in oil pastels and pencil. It turned out awesome. I cut out the drawing and put it on a background of scrapbook paper of stars and behind that some that had the Pledge of Allegiance on it. Above the drawing of my *angel Gabriel* were the words "I pledge allegiance" under was "one nation under God..." These are our family values in a nutshell. We are very patriotic in our core as a family. And God is the Father and founder of this country and its constitution. With the uproar about the reference of God in the pledge, I felt my piece explained very clearly where our family stands. Well...I took some pictures of the finished piece. Wrapped it in cardboard, taped it up and sent it on its way with my husband to work. I ironically and jokingly asked if he had lost it on the plane. No it had made it to the heliport in Louisiana. He called tonight, which is Sunday, and said he had bad news. It never made it to the rig. He couldn't carry it on the helicopter so they had to pack it underneath. Through his many attempts to find it nothing has come up. I am very sad. Like really sad, not just "oh boo hoo, they lost my picture." Art is something different. You put a little bit of yourself in a piece. And when it just disappears... well here is the picture

Friday, April 18, 2008

the Girls and Caleb's Birthday

Those girls. So cute, if I do say so myself.
When Jason and I first got married we sat through a Sacrament meeting, (well that was silly we have sat through several Sacrament meetings) I was goo-gooing a baby girl and Jason wrote me a note about how I would be with "Our girls" that we would have. For a while there I began to lose hope that there would be "s". I never knew there would be eight years between them, but it was worth the wait.

So Caleb turned 5. Four days ago...that is. Regardless, here are the pictures.for Joey it's all about the chocolate.

We had a good time. Just family. Jason was home. He'll be home for Spencer's birthday, but that's it. He has to miss the 3 birthdays we have next week. Well actually he won't miss his own birthday. He'll be with himself then. Which is Monday. Mine is Thursday, (which is good because I think Thursdays are my favorite day) and then Joey turns 2 on Saturday. Sigh...
Anyway, Ellie has a new hairstyle. I love it. 6 months old today with pig tails.

She has got to be the happiest baby ever. She's the happiest I've ever had. I am SUPER grateful. She is wonderful, quick with a smile for anyone. She has always belly laughed, she didn't have to learn how, her first laugh was a full, real laugh like she'd been doing it for years. She's easy to please. We always joke that she let Jacob and Joey cut ahead of her in line in the Pre-mortal just because they were being so obnoxious, and in her pleasant nature she said "Go ahead" in response to their impatience.
Well... I have a trip to the park to post later. And then we'll be mostly caught up. So until then...

Good day to ya.

Catching up

OK....Lets start with pictures

Now Easter has come and gone, way super Quick I must add, but it's always worth a post-post just for posterity. It was fun all went well. I must explain a couple things. I think the Easter Bunny was tired of having my children misuse their Easter baskets, so it brought Easter bags this year. Fine by me... now if it could only do something about the stupid Easter grass. The other thing... ever since Jason and I have been sharing our Easter's together the Easter Bunny has been "pooping" chocolate covered raisins all over the floor while it hides the eggs. Sounds nasty, looks real and it's hilarious. Nice tradition, huh?

Caleb has been cast free for weeks now. I know, I know, bad blogger. I'll repent later. JK
Getting it off was worse than getting it on. You try convincing a little kid that the super loud "safe" saw really isn't gonna chop his newly healed arm off. The post cast x-rays were impressive. The brake healed nicely and was very visible, unlike the pre-cast x-rays. The brake was a lot bigger than I thought. It took him almost the complete 10 days, that the Doc. said it would, to straighten his arm after the cast came off. Crazy.

So last time I checked in I mentioned some home improvement projects I had going on. I am noticing this to be a theme for more than just myself lately. Everybody has something going on. Well, before Jason got home 3 weeks ago, I redecorated our master bathroom. I will post pictures later. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to take the pictures when it was *picture perfect* it must be cleaned and straightened before it is presentable. While doing the bathroom, I went to IKEA and bought new bedroom furniture for me and my hubby. We will eventually have the Mountain Woods furniture for our master bedroom at least, if not for the rest of the house as well. It's pricey though so it'll have to wait. in the meantime, we could no longer stand sleeping like college students. I will take pics of the bedroom later. The latest home improvement project forced the bedroom to become a holding room for everything in the family room while we replaced the un-salvageable carpet with wood laminate flooring, again from IKEA. I've spent a lot of time at IKEA lately. For those of you that don't know this store, you're missing out. It has good stuff, fairly inexpensive and of a decent quality. What's the catch? You must assemble everything yourself. So this is why the bedroom furniture was a bigger issue than just"where should I put the bed?" I put together a bed, dresser, desk/work station, and two night stands, in three days (one of the pieces was broken, trip back to IKEA, not a huge deal but the traffic is a bugger)I could have done it all in two if it weren't for the previous parenthesis', and the extra 14 hands that either wanted to help or play with all the important pieces or take the instructions. It's all pretty dummy proof. So whatever. It's finished.

When Jason got home we decide to just get the floor done as quick as we could, how hard could it be?
the ripping up of the carpet and pad was a cake walk. and all you environmentally minded folk out there will be happy to know that we found a recycling place to take the old icky stuff. To those of you that don't care "Wake up And HUG A TREE!" Just kidding, I'm not a fanatic. It is nice, however, to not be totally wasteful. While our intentions were purely to do the floor, reason stated (dirty finger prints and various scribble marks screamed) that it might be a good time to paint with the carpet up. Now I love to and things, not walls. I just painted the bathroom. That was fun for a minute. Then came the need for a second coat... Anyway, Jason doesn't really care to have color on the wall. He'd be fine with white. I grew up being able to paint my walls however I wanted. So I had stars, and hand prints, and black and white cow spots. So we have to compromise. The biggest issue is that we couldn't reach the top of the ceiling to paint the walls all one color... and the finger prints and scribbles went up higher than a typical chair rail so we covered what was necessary. The actual color was a conundrum in itself...and I am too tired to write about it now. So suffice it to say after three attempts to get the wall presentable, I said "forget it, it is going to stay the pinkish chocolate milk color, I am not painting it again"
I didn't know what else to I painted a border
Then a table saw, a hammer drill, a couple of choice words and days later...the floor went in

And was finished. I would have taken a picture of just the floor alone but we were anxious to get the sofa out of the kitchen, so this has to do. It's pretty though.
I'm tired. I took Jason to the airport again today. So life is on the flip again. I'll write later. My bed is calling.

Good day to ya.

Friday, April 11, 2008

a very, Very Deep Thought

The more you sacrifice, or give of yourself, for something... the more you love that thing.

This is a very multi-leveled thought that I will go into detail about at a later date.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh MY HOLY HANNAH! I would like to thank Dallas for being the computer guru that *spring cleaned* my laptop. Things seem to be flowing smoothly (other than the fact that my fingers are still dyslexic and I type like a turtle) Can you fix that too? I also would like to thank her for the fabu blog instruction power point. I laughed so hard I almost peed. She understands my brain. Hence; funny to me.
Now I just have a quick minute. The cutest thing I have ever seen is on my friend's blog. Go check out Jen Thomas, and watch Aaron sing. I don't impress easily. But this is way cute.
Our home improvement is almost to a close. We've been busy little beavers (and not in the way you would typically refer to people with 7 kids) Painting, pulling, ripping, sawing, painting again, cussing(a little) measuring, sawing, hammering, cussing, sawing, yelling, hammering, don't hammer. bending, kneeling, sawing, drilling, measuring, drilling, gluing, laughing. We are almost able to sigh with relief. But not quit yet. I am taking these few minutes while Jason and Spencer are at the Priesthood session of conference to blog. So now I am going to try my power point instructions and Dallas's teaching ability.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not Dead...Still here just experiencing technical difficulty. Stay tuned for updates!