Friday, November 6, 2015


I haven't blogged since 2011. The format has changed and after typing for a good 5 mins I hit something and lost all that I put. That was fun.
Facebook took over and the ability to post and instantly have feedback on your life and cleverness appealed to the masses. Then everyone shared so much of their own lives all the time, there was nothing original left to post and so they started sharing other peoples ideas, pics and memes. While I enjoyed catching up and learning what was going on in everyone's lives. I am bored with this lack of originality that is afoot.
Raising teenagers and young adult type people is far more emotionally exhausting than caring for the physical needs they had as babies and toddlers.
With babies and toddlers, there was a nice peaceful lull after they were put in bed and the calmness of the night settled in. With teens and semi-adult-ish people the concern and mental exhaustion continues through the night and transforms into worry and stress. Remember the old joke about giving your kids years worth of material for the mental health professionals? yeah...that.
It's not that being in this next section of life isn't entertaining. We have inside jokes. laughing fits, sentimental moments. Great talks and time to share. It's just different now because they all have opinions. And they are fully capable of sharing those opinions...
I need to continue to expunge the stuff in my brain. I have needed to for a long while. It's just that it's not all entertaining all the time anymore. Scenarios are of a more serious nature now. hearts are more tender, life more serious.
I'm grateful for what I have written in the past. Those memories were priceless. I'm not a great family historian, therefore, I would not have had those stories if I hadn't decided to write a silly little blog.