Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So my husband has been gone a WHOLE month and you think I would have taken time to write about something...I've been a little busy since he left. I started Sunshine Generation up here. Most of my time has been spent prepping for that, buying equipment (playing with equipment), and learning the songs a choreography that goes with it. I'm having a blast teaching, except for the fact that I have had to fire half of my own personal children after the first class. Methinks they're savages. Anyhoodle, my husband comes home tomorrow night. Sigh of relief. I sometimes feel like I am holding my breath until he comes home. Not always an utterly pleasant sensation, but after 4 years, I guess it's normal.
So along with Sunshine, I'm in the Primary Presidency again, and doin' P90X in the mornings and I'm singing again with the lovely group of ladies in the "Museum Singers" . Love it, love them. It's nice to be with grown ups and make some beautiful sound. Guess I'm busy. I miss art though. I miss the freedom that comes from creating something visual. If you're not an artist you probably don't get that. There is a mental escape that happens when I draw or paint. I get lost in my picture. I haven't been able to get lost for a long time. I have a room dedicated to art and craft stuff. It's the "craft" room...at least it's supposed to be the "craft" room, but to be honest it's the "crap" room. It's full of the catch all stuff that doesn't have a home yet. So no art or craft stuff is happening in the "crap" room. It will... eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.
The kids are all doing well in school. Even Spencer, (Holy Crap!) and it's about time for that. He's a good kid. Painfully smart to the point of being dumb sometimes. Sariah has all A's...except in math. That would be genetically my fault. Gabe is also doing well. He's peaceful to me right now. Caleb is...well Caleb and driving me CRAZY. Jacob is enjoying Kindergarten. It has helped him TONS, especially when it comes to sitting in Primary. Joey and Ellie are the only ones at home. There are even days when they don't try to kill each other. Joey goes to Kindergarten next year and then it will be just me and Ellie..........who knew it would go by this fast. Maybe then I'll organize the "crap" room...and draw pictures of the way "it" used to be.