Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I WON !!!

I forgot a lot of things before I went on vacation. One thing was the mother's day art contest on the rig. Remember my picture that got lost? This one? yeah, well Jason entered a laminated copy of the photo I took of the picture I did. And he added a little part of my blog about it. And I WON. 500 smakaroonies!!! Thank you very much!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy (Holy Crap I have a Teenager) Birhtday

So I failed to post, before I left, about the latest birthday. Well it finally happened... Spencer turned 13.

We didn't do much by way of a party. Dallas came and watched our kids and we took the birthday boy to Red Lobster and watch him scarf down a $23 plate for dinner, after which he looked at me and said, "I'm actually full." (could this be a sign of things to come?) We then went to go see "Ironman" because it was PG-13 and he was official. (the movie was actually really funny. I was surprised) I know he wanted to do something else like paintball or a huge party, but his birthday fell right in the middle of a big mess of things to do this year. I hope he enjoyed spending time with mom and dad by himself, even though we kept joking with him that he was actually on our anniversary date with us as the third wheel. He unintentionally got us back though because I had a sitter set up for over a month for our actual anniversary night, 4 days after his birthday, and we had to go to his Jr.High band concert that night. Ahh parenthood. Anyway Spen is a great kid. I love him a bunch and I am very grateful that he is a part of my life. I wouldn't trade him for a whole bag of Oreos.

My next post will be about my trip. I am a little sleppy, see how tired I am, I'm so tired I passed sleepy and went all the way to sleppy. And I need to send some positive energy toward my hubby. He's stuck in the New Orleans airport waiting for transportation and a hotel. He had to go back to work 3 days early to attend a meeting, I think they may have forgotten to arrange all of his travel for him. and it's almost midnight. So my positive focus now goes toward him...

Good day to ya.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fish out of Water...On Vacation

My husband has sent me away for our anniversary. I'm now in WY. The baby has been PERFECT! No cryin' or complanin', she's been a wonderful travel companion. We fly to Worland today and that is where I'll be for the next week. My only small issue is coming from a place that has had 70+% humidity to a place that has 0% makes me feel a little dry, a little like my eyeballs are going to shrivel up and pop out of my head. Anyway... I have much to blog about at a later. So until later.

Good day to ya.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary (in a couple of days)

I wanted to post our Happy Anniversary early because Jason comes home tomorrow and then the busy is gonna hit the fan and I want him to read it. He doesn't read my blogs when he's home, no need when you're living with it. So Happy Anniversary in a few days!
Once upon a May 14th, some 10 years ago, I married the man who would become my best friend. It amazes me that this much time has passed so quickly. We were only engaged for a very short time. We really got to know each other after we were married. That first year was surprisingly difficult. I remember thinking things like "If we were just 'going out' I would have broken up with you by now." We were young. Well, He was young...Me? not so much. Things weren't as easy as you expect them to be when you're first married, (as a matter of fact things were pretty much normal) And we had to learn to function as a family. We were sealed for Time and All Eternity a year later, things improved dramatically, and they have been on an uphill route ever since.
Over this past decade I've learned that I'm not always right and that even when I know I'm right, I don't always have to say so. I've learned to be more quiet and less stubborn. I've learned to hug and be hugged. I've learned that there really are people worth trusting. I've learned how to love and be loved. I've learned that I am worth loving. I've learned that I am beautiful. And I couldn't have learned these things without Jason. We have grown together into one inseparable unit. I couldn't live without him. I wouldn't want to try. Not to be cliche, but he completes me, absolutely 100%.
We are not without our squabbles. I think it's good to not be mindless. But we know, when we squabble, it's temporary. I didn't get married to get un-married. Neither did he. Forever would be way too long to spend without my best friend. So we're gonna spend it together.
Sometimes when he is at work, my heart hurts. I love him so much, all of him, even the grumpies that occasionally come (sometimes at church) with being a very young father or seven.
He would do anything for me. He does everything for me. He makes me happy.

Jason, Thank you for being the other half of me. My best friend and beyond. Thank you for being so generous with your life and sharing it, whole heartedly, with me. I'm so glad we didn't miss out on each other. Looks like the *B* in*plan B* turned out to stand for BEST. I love you Rabbit. I'll see you in a few hours.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's in a Name


2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle) Naoizzle

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal) Blue Cat

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, and current street) Dean Rainmill
5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 3 letters of mom's maiden name) Dur Na How

6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink) Cool Color Lemonade (I don't have specific 2nd fav colors)

7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (Mother's middle name and father's middle name) JoDean Joe

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one your pets) Black Maverick

Tageroonie You're It!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Some Nasties and some Funnies

Must blog...I have already put the kids to bed, worked out and cleaned the kitchen floor so I think I have actually earned the blog time. So I must say that I like the floor in the family room, most of the time. It is slippery when your foot hits something that shouldn't be on it, i.e. blankets, toys, towels, the church bag. Yeah, so that last one caused me to experience a tumble a couple weeks ago. I can't actually say a tumble, more like a slide into home. Joey was sleeping on the couch, I was feeding the baby in the recliner, and drinking a bottle of water(what is taken must be replenished.) Joey rolled dangerously close to the edge of the couch and I knew it would hurt really bad if he hit the floor. So "Super Mom" flew into action and with one huge step I would stop that boy from hitting the floor...that was the plan anyway. What really happened was this. I had the baby and the bottle of water on my right side. I stepped with my right leg toward the couch, planning to reach across my body and catch Joey with my free left arm. My foot didn't notice that one of the children (to remain nameless), while having been obedient and bringing the *Sunday bag* in the house after church, had failed to put it in its proper place, which wasn't even in the family room. So my foot landed on the edge of the bag and I slid, down, down, down to the hard laminate covered concrete. Now a bunch of things happened all at the same time. First thought "save the baby" So mid fall I twisted toward my back almost throwing her on my stomach. In this process I landed my full weight and hers,(she's no Elliephant, but I am definitely not a mouse) on the point of my elbow. As I was falling toward the ground my fall was slowed down by my head hitting the front edge of the couch and sliding down until it also hit the ground. I didn't actually hit the side of my head. It was the top. Now that I think about it my head probably saved my elbow. Anyway as soon as I hit the ground I rolled on my back and looked at Ellie. She was startled, maybe a little irritated that her dinner was interrupted. She looked at me like "What the heck was that about?" She was fine. I then told her that we were going to just lay there for a minute. Which we did. All I could think was "I'm glad I'm 33 and not 63, because I probably would have broken something." (seriously, that was what went through my head) Remember the water? Well it had splashed up onto the couch and woke Joey up so that he repositioned himself away from the edge of the couch. I later decided that if I had to do it over, I would have just thrown the water. Everything is fine. My elbow is still a little sore, but just a little. Anyway I was going to tell you why I like the floor. Well, Joey has had a crazy mucusy(that must not be a real word...hmm it is now) cough for a long time. So I gave him some Mucinex for kids. I didn't think that it would expel mucus from everywhere. When we were finishing dinner(they pick the best times don't they) Joey got down from the table,(which was really very thoughtful) went into the family room and puked all over the floor. It was the nastiest slimy puke ever. I've seen a lot of puke. All I could think was "I'm so glad it's not carpet anymore. Super easy to clean up. And no stains." He seems to be feeling much better.
So after all that here is a funny image for you to put in your mind. It was nighttime prayer and my kids were scattered about the living room, sometimes we *circle the wagons* sometimes we don't. On my lap I held a Joey and a naked Jacob.(Jacob is always naked, especially when we have a bad potty day and no underwear left. Oh, that is the other nasty thing I had to clean up today. I should call that guy from Dirty Jobs. In my opinion poop in underwear is pretty bad but poop in the bathtub is the WORST) Anyway Spencer was saying the prayer and Jacob and Joey started to fight. So I grabbed the arms that were closest to each other and crossed them over their own bodies. This still left Joey's right arm available to grab the remote that was sitting nearby and attempt to use it as a weapon against Jacob. He missed and clocked me in the head. I didn't have a free arm to stop him with so on the next swing I grabbed it with my teeth. I can only imaging what this must have looked like to the other kids when the prayer was over and they opened their eyes. Naked Jacob and Joey pinned in each of mom's arms. And mom with the remote in her mouth. All in the name of reverence.

Good day to ya.

Friday, May 2, 2008

ABC's about me

I got this from DALLAS's blog.

A - Attached or Single? Attached, happily attached

B - Best Friend? I have 2. My husband(cheesy but true) and Jennifer Hankins, no question hands down

C - Cake or Pie? pie... no cake...arrgh ...piecake?

D - Day of Choice? Thursday(isn't that silly)

E - Essential Item? bra

F - Favorite Color? I tend to lean toward cool colors, blues. But I understand that everyone needs a little yellow

G - Gummy Bears or Worms? I don't like gummy things, Spencer choked on a worm once.

H - Hometown? Laramie, WY

I - Favorite Indulgence? Asphalt Pie from Wingers in Laramie. Oreo crust, mint chocolate chip ice cream, whip cream , caramel sauce. Since I can't have that...chocolate.

J - January or July? Neither

K - Kids? SEVEN!!!!!!! and yes we are finished.

L - Life isn't complete without? LAUGHING

M - Marriage Date? 14th of May 1998

N - Number of brothers and sisters? 1 Older sister

O - Oranges or Apples? Grapefruit, but both oranges and apples are fine depending on the individual fruit

P - Phobia or Fears? fear of large bodies of water

Q - Quote? "When you think stupid thoughts does it show up on your face." me

R - Reason to smile? When my kids do something silly. Or when my husband brings me flowers

S - Season of choice?Spring

T - Tag ten people? I tag whoever is reading this!

U - Unknown fact about me? I used to live with a bunch of hippies.

V - Vegetable? green beans and peas

W - Worst habit? I over think everything

X - Xenophobic? Nope

Y - Your favorite food? Homemade bread. I also love Mexican and Italian...

Z - Zodiac Sign? Tarus