Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm a big fat blogging liar. Here I was all set to start writing every night and what happened? LIFE as usual. I never realized how much time 7 kids, 4 cats(2 in 2 out) a dog, a part time at home dad, a giant messy 30 year old house and almost an acre of land, can take up. Not to mention watching my DVR'd favorite shows, cause you can't watch them when they happen, too loud, and stupid facebooking. Those last two are really quite a waste of time. My house was totally cleaner before getting dish. But I try to balance it all out with sleep. Anyway. On with the real show. I'm going visiting teaching in a few minutes and so this will probably come in segments. Funny, last time I wrote in segments I moved before I could tell anyone what happened.

So Jennifer(my bff#2, Jason is bff#1 as it should be) has list little music academy up here. I helped direct a musical for the teen group this spring. It was a blast, had a good time with these kids and my little super star Sariah. As a *reward* we took this group of kids to SLC to go see the Tabernacle Choir and to have a private tour (since Jenn's aunt is the Executive Secretary we had special privileges) We started out Thursday morning at 6. with myself and Jenn in our Suburban and her hubby Bill and another parent(Lisa, whom incidentally is the lady we bought our house from) in there van. All seats were full with the exception of our 9th, middle front seat. And off we went to the great state of Utah.

Joey just peed on the floor and now I have to go V.Ting so that must be the end of segment one.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NeW pOsTs To CoMe! I have decided that blogging (journal keeping) is important and deserves a little of my time and attention again.(Plus I got a new camera) the old one had taken enough pictures of muddy children and birthdays and kicked the bucket while I was trying to snap some shots of Caleb's first T-ball game...Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper. So I bought a new one when I was in SLC on my little trip and that is what I'll be posting first...ish. I might do those birthdays first, maybe I'll just put it all into one stupid long entry and bore y'all to death with my excessive ramblings. However it happens, I look forward to reconnecting with all y'all through this wonderfully crazy blogging world.

good day to ya.