Thursday, November 20, 2008

So my camera is freaking out. It's having energy consumption problems. It can take about 1 picture and sucks the batteries dry. Other wise I would be posting tons of new pictures. One of my new hair cut. It's great. Which is unusual for me because when I get a haircut it's usually followed by another one to fix all the things I didn't like about the first one. But anyway... Jason comes home tomorrow night! And no my house is not perfectly clean. But I'll get it done before Thanksgiving. I have to go help teach a class now, so I'll check in later


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not much

ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT!!!!!! and my husband will be home. These last two hitches have taken (cover your eyes) FREAKIN' eternity. Literally. We moved, had been in our house for a week and then he went to work a little early. He was gone for 28days. Then came home for 9 days and had to go back early for some silly class. On Friday he will be coming home from being gone for 25 days. That time table seems a little heavy on their(meaning the company's) end. So now I can finally breathe and say "Holy crap I have to clean the house, Jason will be home in 5 days!" No, I really am relieved. It's strange though, he hasn't spent more than a couple weeks in our new house. I have to tell him where things are when he comes home.
I am very aware and grateful that he gets to come home. I understand that there are many families that have extended time away from dad. Military and such. Or the long separation called death. There is a family in my ward at church whose dad just died. I sang at the funeral the first week I was here. I just sang at two of their daughter's baptism. He wasn't a member, and after letting his oldest two daughters get baptized, I guess he said enough, no more. And so it took his death to allow these two other girls to enter that gate. Sad really. But the gospel will not be stopped. But aside from that, I think of their mother quite a bit. I think of how sad she must be, at times, to just not have him home. This makes me ever more grateful that my separation from Jason is so temporary. I'm sorry for their grief, but grateful for the reminder.
So I'm guessing I'm just blogging to blog. I really don't have anything huge to say.
I think the people here are so funny. The Relief Society Pres. came by to see how I was doing. I laughed and said I was fine. They think I'm an anomaly. crazy part-time single mom of 7. Singing, speaking, and getting up at 4:45 every morning to go write music at the church with her best-friend. and reminding us that she doesn't have a calling outside of visiting teacher. I guess when you look at it, it does seem a little odd. But it's my life, I'm very blessed. and I'm pretty happy with it and not really overwhelmed... now that everybody has stopped puking. so the natives are restless... I must go intervene.

good day to ya.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Uh...So I am not "super immune woman" like I suspected. Neither is Gabe. Spencer is still the anomaly, he must just be the carrier of all things illness related. So I started to feel a little "not right" on Sunday night. I took a Dramamine because there is nothing worse in the world to me than being nauseous and throwing up. Well if I was gonna puke I'd rather not be dizzy doing it. I was still optimistic as I fell into a cautious sleep. I had been out for about 45 mins when the phone rang. I answered thinking that it must be important for someone to call me at 10:39 (I looked at the clock) I was thinking maybe it was my husband. It was my grandmother-in-law. Calling to tell me that she had a hard time finding my phone number and that she wasn't going to send me the canning stuff, we'd have to drive to Idaho and pick it up, and then she started razzing the rest of the family like she does in every conversation. I typically "uh-huh" quite well, but this night all I wanted to do was get back to my non-puking sleep. I told her right at the beginning of the conversation that I had been cleaning up after the stomach flu for three days and that I wasn't feeling very well myself. She finally caught the clue when a half hour later I said "I need to go to the bathroom." I said it in part to just get off the phone and in part because I had an interesting feeling that I really needed to go. Little did I know that for the next several hours, on the hour, I would be in the bathroom *stomach fluing* my guts out. Stupid germs. When Monday 7am rolled around. The thought "There is no way, in anybodies world, that I am going to get any of these kids out the door to school...ain't gonna happen." Good thing too. Gabe started being sick a couple hours later. So they all watched movies and made messes. Lot's of messes. Spencer helped pretty well. I still had to change the diapers, but I was allowed to stay in bed/bathroom most of the day. And since most of everybody was still pretty queasy, the topic of food didn't come up that often.
So...we're all maintaining what goes in now. That is good. I do have to say that I would have preferred to lose the last 5 pounds in a different way, but whatever works. Only 10-15 more to hit my *before I had any kids* weight. I think I'll exercise for the rest though.

Good day to ya.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stupid Computer,
I just went and added all my other friends blog addresses to my fellow bloggers, saved them. and then they didn't want to save. So I will have to take another 10 minutes of some imaginary hour to do it again. Whatever.

I am happy, however. The puking has subsided. Spencer, Gabriel and myself have gratefully escaped the clutches of the virus. I am remaining happy and grateful (a little bit of the Secret) that this will be the case entirely. So for now I am going to go clean my kitchen. I didn't dare take anyone to church today, it's Stake Conference. While I am disappointed to not be there. I am also not stupid or rude. It's not impossible to sit alone with 7 children and attempt to keep them sort of reverent, for 2 hours, But it isn't an easy task. Especially when they are recovering from the flu. I also don't want to take a chance at re-infecting everybody with the flu. Anyway I'm just wasting time now so it's off to disinfect I go.

Good day to ya!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Christin tagged me to find the fourth picture of the fourth file in my mess of pictures. And then write about it. Well it just happened to be Caleb's (my 4th childs) 5th birthday pic. Which is a good thing, because he has been my headache causing child as of late, I need to say something nice about him. He throws fits and crying tantrums in the mornings before school and as soon as he comes home, that's not the nice stuff I need to say. He is the middle child. Too young for the older ones, too big for the younger ones. Kindergarten wipes him out. I know he's tired. He is doing well in school. His teacher was surprised to learn that he didn't attend pre-school. He is still willing to give and take hugs. He is learning about the gospel. He's my rockstar. He used to grab the music stand and pretend it was a microphone and then he would jam out in his little gruff voice. He's a tough cookie. And he is somebody I'm glad to have on my side. I love him like crazy, even when he drives me crazy.

Now, I tag Heather, Stacey, Jen T& Jen A. 4th of the 4th.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So why is it when kids get sick they choose to do it at night? I know, it's not like I've actually slept for the last 13 years anyway, but come on. So Jacob was sleeping in my room, which tends to happen most nights. It's an age thing. All of my three-year-old's have, at one point, taken an interest in sleeping in mom and dad's room. Anyway. I had moved him from my bed to a pillow and blanket on the floor. Thank goodness, the Tempurpedic couldn't have handled the peanut butter/hot dog puke which occurred around 1 am. I promptly went into OCD mode, rubber gloves, paper towels, Lysol, clorox wipes, and wal-mart bags, and germ-X. Lucklily it all ended up on the huge feather pillow(nice) and not the newish carpet, which in my room is what color? Beige (come on stupid carpet people, when are you going to learn) the steam cleaner wasn't needed this time, but it was standing faithfully on guard. As Jakey took a bath, I proceeded to check on the other kids to see if I had acidentally poisoned them for dinner, nope everyone else was fine. I put all the blankets and pillow cases in the washer, the pillow would come later. Then I sprayed every touchable surface with Lysol, (that's one of the companies I need to invest in.) I made him a bed, on my floor, with Spencer's camp mat, a bunch of towels and I put HIS pillow in a plastic bag and then back in the pillow case, I think all pillows should be plastic hospital pillows, not comfy but easy to clean. He understood that if he needed to throw up again it should be in the wal-mart bag lined trash can. I then washed and lysoled the gloves. Washed and germ-Xed my hands. Then we laid down and tried to sleep, for a little while. Ellie woke up twice because she was cold. Not something that happens in Texas. So I had to go re-cover her, no big deal. Then I managed to fall back to sleep. In my sleep I noticed that Jacob said he was thirsty, and he got up and got a drink of water. I then woke up to him thowing up the water that he just drank. In the trash can (good boy) I tied the bags. Washed, germ-Xed, lysoled. And we went back to sleep. And then the alarm clock went off. It was one thing to get up (in TX) to make sure the kids were up and ready for the bus. It's another thing entirely to get EVERYBODY up and get them in the car to take 4 of 7 to school. They were late because Caleb threw a fit about wanting to put his pants on already buttoned. Guess what, pants don't go on when they're already buttoned, but I let him find that out. So then he had a fit because he wanted them unbuttoned. Then Gabe could only find one of each of his shoes. Joey and Ellie both needed a diaper change. And then we all got in the car, which takes FOREVER, and got the kids to school. Jacob took the trash can with him. Good thing, he had gotten another drink of water somewhere between the shoes and diaper changes. Why isn't my husband home when stuff like this happens? It's really quite funny if you picture it all in fast forward. But whatever. So I hope all y'all have a fantastic day, which is what I'll have as soon as the caffeine kicks in.

Good day to ya.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ellie's first birthday

So our last baby turned 1 two weeks ago. I would have liked it to have been a more momentous occasion, but everyone was verging on illness and Jason was going back to work on Monday and I didn't get my piano, and etc.etc. So the energy was a little low. My in-laws came up which was great to have them with us. They now only live 2 1/2 hours away instead of 23. Which is much more convenient for everyone involved.

But back to the baby. She is still the happiest baby ever. Even though she has begun throwing some interesting mood altercations (that's the happy baby way of saying tantrums) when her brothers do something that ticks her off. Like take a toy, food, or push her down. We also learned that we as a family must yell sometimes(a lot) because we sat down for dinner when Jason was home, and Ellie just started chewing him out. I guess I'm gonna have to call her first word "NO!" She also says something that sounds a lot like Sariah. With dad gone, she mostly yells at the dog. She is still super cute and very happy. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. It literally feels like a minute.

A note to those Texans we left behind. I didn't think I'd miss you, but I do. I knew I loved the people (the ones I knew anyway, it was the other 4 million that I could do without) I didn't realize how much of a family all y'all had become to me. When unpacking boxes my heart gave out a little twinge when I saw "crap table upstairs" scrawled out in Maria's very distinct handwriting. Or when I thought about all of the help that Melissa H. gave me in those last few minutes (days really) when my brain and body could no longer function as a whole unit. And for all the boxes she gave us that have their name written all over them. It was bittersweet. And then on that dang Facebook which may suck my life away, to see the picture of the Phillips' and those two babies, it made me cry, just a little. And to think of my good friend Stefan getting ready to have that boy. Could somebody throw her a baby shower... you could probably do it at Stefan's house, oh wait who am I kidding. That was done a long time ago and it probably was at her house just so she'd be there. And then Stacey...and Jeanette, and Dallas, and Janet, and Suzeanne and Jen and...the list goes on and on. You were my first family away from home. I did a lot of "Grown up" growing there. (ha ha I know grow 3 kids? I said grow up not out.) My testimony grew, too. You are all amazing. And It's nice to know that if I wanted to go back... I could and because of you, it would feel like going home. I didn't think it would happen but you cannot live in Texas for 4 years and 2 months and not be infected with a little bit of that Texas Pride. I'm hopin it will wash off after a few more Wyoming showers. But I do have 3 Texas natives in my house. So a nice mix is justified. Don't get offended if I didn't write your name. That wasn't the point. I'd have to sit down with the whole ward list and put you all down, and you know it, too. There wasn't a single sister in our ward that I didn't love. I wasn't a part of a "click" I didn't see who was divided. To me you weren't. We were all crazy in our own right. I hope to shout that I never offended any of you. If so, I apologize sincerely. If so, know that it was done out of sheer ignorance.
Well, I need to go for now. I'm starring blankly now. Means I'm tired. I have more to say on this at a later date. SO anyhoodle
good day to ya.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's been so lonfg. See how long? I can't even type anymore. So before I get into the rest of my life I have some venting. Not even in a negative way, just letting some disappointed air out. So I get on Facebook. Y'all know it cause y'all are on it. Anyway. I find people that I knew from way back whenever, and see them doing all the fabulous things that deep somewhere in my heart I wish I was doing too. Theatre actually. That's about it really. Once a performer, there is this burning of unquenchable desire to perform again. BUT, that ship has sailed and left me on port with 7 crew mates to steward. So to all those who are fulfilling my dream without me...Break a leg.

ENOUGH. So we went on vacation...and decided to move. and left within 2 months of returning home. It was extremely guided. We hadn't even found a house by the time we got home. We had put an offer on a 20 acre farm, but that didn't take. Thank goodness, it would have been nice if it weren't for the TRAIN in the front yard. Not kidding. And now seeing how frequently the train passes by I am growingly more grateful. Is growingly even a word, no? It is now.

So we bought a 5 bedroom house on an acre. The whole process amazes me still and continues to confirm that our God is a definite worker of miracles.

Small towns have their ups and downs. But, I don't feel like complaining right now so I just want to share some pictures.

All y'all should know, that in spite of killing 2 black widow spiders (outside, you'll be happy to know they died violently with a hammer, oh and poison) My spirit is very much at peace. My children are happy and I am, too. I know longer drive down the road and have the question "Why do I live here?" repeat over and over. That would be on Fry after Franz heading to Morton. If I question here as I drive and hour and a half to Wal-Mart, it is answered by the beauty of the canyon I'm driving through or the pink shades of sunset reflecting off the snow on the tops of the next mountain range over.

Oh and the snow. Apparently the weather is being a little weird. (having come from TX it seems normal) It has only snowed once since we've been here, not bad for two months. But is was FABULOUS! 6 inches. And it was awesome putting those Texas babies down in it.
Good day to ya.