Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So...my kids had been healthy all summer. ALL SUMMER! and then (buh buh bum) school starts...AND we have already had HFMD(hand foot and mouth disease) run through all 7 kids. Last week, as a matter of fact. Then Gabe came home, decided it was time to throw up, and did so. I have taken to huffing Lysol. Not literally... well sorta, I'm spraying so much of it that some inhalation is inevitable. I have also grown quite fond of Germ-X. I'm thinking of starting a new line of perfume called "Ed du School illness." In favorite fall scents like Germ-X & Lysol Citrus Meadows.
as I said before, my husband was out at work for a month last hitch. This meant that he was only home for 12 days. Not enough decompression time if you ask me. He went back today, so it's on my mind. I also had the pleasant opportunity of tearing a bit of cartilage in my right shoulder. This causes a fantastic sensation of pain and on occasion some numbness and aching throughout my arm. Overall it has been a great experience. Sleeping is a real treat, too. so much fun. (I'm trying to have a positive attitude, is it working?) ((forcing a smile)) ANYWAY...I 'spose I should get some pictures on here of my kids, since they're all about a year older now. I'll find some good ones a bit later...((still smiling))


Heather said...

I personally think it is all the Germ-X they are using at school that is making my kids sick. There are good germs that are being mercilessly slaughtered by the Germ-X and then they cannot help my children fight illness. Kids are best dirty. LOL

KL said...

Oh my! Sounds like you need a break! Sickness, injuries. Never a good thing. As far as the injury.....is that what you get when you work out? Guess I'm better off chunky! ;)

Naomi said...

Heather, my kids have been dirty for so long, it's a wonder that the germs can find their way through. KayLynn, it's what you get when you're ancient and trying to workout out with the 20something crowd.